Lab Dryer 2㎡ Capping Type

Lab Dryer 2㎡ Capping Type
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Most of the biological products, such as tissues, tissue extracts, bacteria, vaccines and serum, were changed into dry samples by vacuum freeze-drying. Vacuum freeze drying is the most gentle process to preserve the biochemical properties of sensitive tissue or other tissues. It is also the best method for drying inorganic materials, such as nano particles, because the surface area of particles is almost unchanged.


1. Perfect appearance, compact size;
2. Touch screen operation, one key to start, and automatic freeze drying process, easy and convenient;
3. Key components with imported brands, small noise, large capacity, high quality  and high performance;
4. Advanced system, with low operating current and low energy consumption;
5. 304 stainless steel food tray and inside liner, safety and easy clean;
6. Transparent organic glass door, the direct observation of food processing;

Our manufacturing factory is in Changchun city of Jilin Province, China. .We can design and manufacture, install the whole production line .

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