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lab Dryer For Pharmaceutical / 1 Shelf temperature range from -55 °C~80 °C, and regulatable for processoptimization or development before industrial production. 2 Vacuum can be regulatable, by clean air injet, or chamber isolation valve operation, this can...

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 Vacuum Freeze Dryer Pharmaceutical Lyophilization Machine For Lab

Characteristics of vacuum freeze-drying machine for food laboratory series:

1fully automatic operation - from pre freezing - primary drying - two drying - end point discrimination - Automatic gland - automatic pressure - automatic cream - stop automatic.

2 double protection design - machine operation due to operational errors, in the protection of products on the basis of the protection of the safety of the machine.

3 standard products - product temperature less than -55 DEG C cold trap temperature less than -75 DEG C vacuum degree is less than or equal to 1Pa.

4 modular products - system configuration, modular manufacturing, maintenance and more professional.

5 end of the discriminant function - at the end of the two drying, automatic access to the end of the identification process, after the confirmation of the product drying, draw into the next step.

6 aseptic isolation design - machine reliable or aseptic isolation, easy to use.

7 the whole process of vacuum control - to provide vacuum control of the drying stage to achieve automatic operation.

8 a variety of expansion functions - eutectic point measurement, computer remote control, dew point measurement and other functions.




Our Services
1. Installation: We will send our engineer to help you with the installation and guide you with usage.

2. We will ensure the success of installation and commission.

3. Working life of main equipments: 15 years

4. Potential problem: Degradation of strain.
5. Solutions: Optimization and renew, we will supply the new strain freely in two years, then our engineer will provide techniques for optimization and renew.

6. Plant visit: We will arrange to visit one of similar lines we implemented in China and expect your coming!


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