Manual and Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, Pill Filler

Capsule Filling Machine is Divided into automatic capsule filling machine and manual capsule filling machine.In addition we supply filling machine including fill water,oil,ink,beverage,gel,cream,lotion,shampoo,sauce,jam,chemical,medical capsule etc.

Product Details

Manual and automatic capsule filling machine, pill filler

Capsule filling machine is suitable to fill the medicine, and chemicals (powder, pellet, granule, pill) into hard capsules, also can be used for filling vitamin, foodstuff and animal drug, etc. It is welcomed and applied by the factories of pharmaceutical, foodstuff, and chemicals worldwide.

Commodity: Automatic Capsule Filling Machine: SD Series and manual capsule filling machine.

Capsule filler details:

1. Famous semi turning, hole platen type capsule filler machine

2. The advanced structure, with modern design and accurate dosage, adjustable portion, safety operation and frequency register.

3. From 00# to 5# of hard plastic capsules and A B C D E over stable capsules can be filled using different specifications of moulds

4. it can be single closing ease pill and the same to close the powder and pellet.

5. High working effciency, good suitability, stable woking state and low noise levels

6. With computer controller, and has frequency conversion, digital display makes the easy operation and clear appearance

SD fully automatic capsule filling machine can replace mould (replace die role amount) to change the capacity of the machine.The max capacity of 800 model with six mould roles is 800pcs/min, the max capacity of 1000model with eight mould roles is 1000pcs/min, and the max capacity of 1200 model with nine mould roles is 1200pcs/min

The power

220V three phases 4wires 50HZ

Capsule size for choose

No.00 .0 .1 .2 .3 .4 .5

Power in all


The Main motor power


Capsule processing rate


The Degree of vacuum


The Water supply pressure


The Water flow rate


Inner diameter of water supply pipe


Inner diameter of water outlet pipe


Machine Size


Machine Weight


The Operation conditions requirement

temperature 21℃±3℃

Relative humidity


Supply with air requirement

with exhaustment over 360m³/h of dust collector for industry

Capsule filler machine packing list:



Capsule filler machine


The Dust Collected


The Vacuum Pump


The Mould (Tool case)


The Dosage Tray Case


The Certificate of Quality


The Frequency Reguist Operation Manual


The Filling Machine Operation Maintenance Manual


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