Auger Beer Bottling Filler Equipment,wine Filling Machine

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Auger beer bottling filler equipment,wine filling machine

Commodity: wine bottle filler or beer bottling equipment

Beer bottle filler specification:

• Productivity: 2000BPH for 1000ml.

• Package: shape brick base shaped, brick slim shaped.

• Packaging material: PE/PAPER/PE/AL/PE/PE aseptic packaging material roll

• Electric power: 24kW (mechanical transmission: 4kW, electric heating power: 20kW)

• Rated voltage: 220V/380V

• Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

• Compressed air: 0.4-0-6Mpa, 1.0M³ /min

• Technological process: form feed - print date sterilize filling - shaping

• Operation mode: PLC control, man-machine interface operation.

• Shelf life: In 25 - 30 centigrade, juice 12 months, milk 6 months.

• Outside measurement: L× W× H=6000× 1600× 4000mm


Liquid filler:

• The main features are: Disposable auto-complete feed, sterilization, box making, filling, forming, sealing action, the molding of composite materials using hydrogen peroxide spray and high-intensity ultraviolet radiation and sterile hot air drying, packaging, materials completion of the aseptic chamber of the filling and after the filling of the seal are in a positive pressure conditions, thus ensuring a sterile packaging materials and materials to be packaged through a juice beverage after the UHT sterilization at room temperature shelf life of long up to one year. In addition, the aircraft PLC optical correction, frequency control, pneumatic solenoid valve, vacuum systems, liquid level control, smart electronic thermostat adjustment, automatic fault alarm system and sterile room, etc.

• Germany, Japan and other countries of the famous brand, the whole machine is used stainless steel, beautiful appearance, convenient operation

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