Vaccine (bacteria) Fermentation Tank Biological Reactor

Vaccine (bacteria) Fermentation Tank Biological Reactor
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vaccine (bacteria) fermentation tank biological reactor

The single-use, SiDoLim bioreactor was an easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-efficient alternative to stainless steel bioreactors, which require continuous time-consuming cleaning and validation between batches.


Today, our bioreactors has been developed to consist of fully integrated systems with intelligent control software and advanced sensor technology. This combination results in bioreactors that are both easy-to-use and reliable to help you maximize the output, and save time and costs.


The SiDoLim Bioreactor system is a versatile system designed for use in both R & D and production. It is a modular system consisting of a base unit with various integral options suitable for culture of multiple cell lines.



1. Convenience: Presterilized, single-use bioreactors protect against the risk of cross-contamination, require no cleaning, and involve minimal validation and they are supplied in a ready-to-use format
2. Reliability: bioreactors, including all fittings and filters, are supplied sterile and ready for use. They are suitable for cGMP commercial production and a biosafety cabinet is not required for inoculation or sampling
3. Flexibility: Multiple instrument configurations for suspension, microcarrier, batch, fed-batch, or perfusion culture
4. Versatility: The systems are capable of handling culture volumes from 100 mL to 1000 L, 1000L- 50T.



The SiDoLim Bioreactor system has an extensive line of instrumentation such as weight controllers for perfusion culture, dissolved oxygen, amplifier, and pH control.


For bench top operation, covering the bioreactor with a lid is recommended. This prevents accidental damage to the bag. A filter heater for the exhaust filter is strongly recommended otherwise water will condense in the filter and may lead to clogging and over pressure in the bioreactor.

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