20L 30L 50L Stainless Steel And Glass Industrial Fermentor Bioreactor

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Product Details

Introduction of the lab glass reactor 

Total Volume: 5 Liter, 7 Liter,10L ,20L ,30L ,50L 100L
Load Proportion: 65-80% of total volume, 70% optimum
Material: Vessel body is made of borosilicate glass to guarantee of resistance to high temp ,excellent corrosion resistance,top lid and thermostatic control . It meets fermentation technical requirement and mechanical sealed . And it equipped with air intake sterilization filter and exhaust condenser 
Driver mechanical stirred directly from top with detachable DC motor
Sterilization sterilized in autoclave (Off-situ Sterilizable Mode)
Optional function:dosing material weighing ,tank weighing ,air flow automatic control,tank pressure detection,pure oxygen feeding bypass ,the REDOX potential on-line detection ,alcohol/methanol content online detection and control ,exhaust gas ,O2,CO2 on line detection,automatic sterilization function,automatic cleaning function tank cap automatically rising -lowering .

Control parts for glass fermenter  bioreactor
PH1. On-line check and measure, and digitization fully automatic control;
2.PH, acid and base gang control. Peristaltic pump automatically adjust to feed acid and base;
3.Control range 2-12pH, measure precision±0.01 pH, control precision±0.02 pH;
4.It has auto alarm function.
5.PH sensor and signal transmission line, HAMILTON
DO control 1. On-line check and measure, cascade with rpm; digital display.
2.Range 0-100% or 0-200%, precision ±1%;
3.It has auto alarm function;
4.DO sensor and signal transmission line, HAMILTON
Foam control1. Automatically control and automatically alarm;
2. Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically add deformer.
Feed control1. Automatically control and automatically alarm;
2.Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically feeding
Temp. control1.PID fully digitization signal processing, digitization control settings
2.Circulating water automatically control temperature
3.Measure range 0-150°C, control range T+6-60°C,control precision±0.2°C
4.Pt 100Ω temp Sensor
5.system with electrical heater to control the temp inside vessel
6.water pump circulation, GRUNDFOS 
7.solenoid valve to control
Rotate speed1. Automatically control, with auto alarm function
2. Siemens frequency converter to adjust the speed.
Pressure1 Manually adjusting with pressure gauge and manual valve (standard system)
2. Automatically adjusting with pressure transmitter and PID valve and pneumatic valves (optional)
Air flow1.Manually adjusting with rotor meter and manual valve (standard system)
2.Automatically adjusting with mass-flow meter and pneumatic valves (optional) 
3.Air in filter , tail gas filter , with SARTORIUS cartridge, precision 0.2μm
Sterilization1.it can be SIP by connecting with steam
2.Manually control with manual valve (standard one)
3.Automatic control with pneumatic valves (optional)
ControlSiemens PLC, and MCGSE 7"/10" LCD touch screen(HMI) and DEYEE program
PC1.PC with Kingview software for recording function (optional)
2.PC with Siemens remote control and Kingview recording function (optional)
3.printer (optional) 

 fermenter system06.jpg

 The Glass fermenter bioreactor application :
It could be used for diary,beverage ,bio pharmaceutical,medicine ,fine chemical industry ,laboratory,pilot type.

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