Small Pilot Scale Fermentation Jacketed Bioreactor

The Fermentor SDP (50L~100L) is the pilot-scale fermentation system and which can be used for microbial, insect and mammalian cell culture procedures. The stainless steel (SUS 316L) vessel and the whole attachments can be sterilized automatically or manually in this pilot scale fermentation...

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The Fermentor SDP (50L~100L) is the pilot-scale fermentation system and which can be used for microbial, insect and mammalian cell culture procedures. The stainless steel (SUS 316L) vessel and the whole attachments can be sterilized automatically or manually in this pilot scale fermentation system and the whole fermentation process can be also performed automatically. Fermentor SDP (50L~100L) is able to install head lifting system. The head plate is lifted by air cylinder and guided by the two sets of linear motion guide.

fermenter 3.jpg

The integrated control board measures the whole sensor values and control the fermentor system based on the measured values. The whole procedures and monitored data are graphically displayed in the 8.5" color LCD screen and all the control parameters can be modified in the graphic mode.


This system can be designed for the individual process requirements to apply the system from lab scale for the basic research, up to pilot scale for test production in the mass production company.

1· Head-lifting system

2· Fed-batch culture support pH Stat, DO Stat

3· Color LCD Integrated Microprocessor Controller system

4· Validation support documentation available(IQ,OQ)

5· Data Saving

6· Fermentor system represents the ideal intermediate step for scaling up.

7· Automatic control of DO, pH, temperature, agitation, and nutrient feed for fermentation process.

8· All processing parameter are controlled by integrated microprocessor controller.

9· Automate or Manual sterilization in place by external steam supply or optional steam generator.

10· The modular design consists of the supply unit the culture vessel and the control cabinet.

11· The open frame design of the supply unit provides ready access and ease of maintenance and operation.

12· The sterilization procedures are programmable and can be modified by users

13· Accessories for cell culture applications are available upon request.

14· The stainless steel control cabinet of the fermentor system includes all electrical components, pilot valves and the powerful digital measurement and control system.


Control System

· The integrated controller board is adopted to measure, control and display the fermentation system.

· Color LCD displays the whole status of the system in graphic mode.

· Digital PID control algorithm makes fast approach to the target temperature and maintains the vessel temperature very stably.

· The measured data and control parameters can be not only saved and transmitted to the computer in Excel format but also printed out by thermal printer in real time state.

· The Li-ion battery is used to backup the data in the memory.

· Easy to connect with the various systems such as memory stick, printer, computer with the RS-232C communication protocol.



· Stainless steel (SUS 316L) is used to prevent contamination and rust.

· Water jacket system is adopted for precise temperature control.

· 6~8 toggle bolts make it easy to assemble and dissemble the head plate.

· Sight glass makes to monitor the status of the media.

· Spare ports are installed on the head plate that the auxiliary sensor can be installed.

· Sensor ports are installed in the circumferential direction on the lower side of the vessel


Vessel Selection


Catalog Number

Total Vol.

(working Vol.)

Inner Dia.

Inner Height

Impeller Diameter



H: D





50L (35L)





2 :1


70L (50L)





2.2 :1


100L (70L)






 fermenter system08.jpg





DC motor, AC Gear motor, Top drive (mechanical seal driving)


50~1000 rpm 1 rpm


Turbine impeller (SUS316L) Foam breaker (SUS316L)


Magnetic Hall sensor


Microprocessor based PID

Materials & Finish


Using 316L stainless steel it is polished mechanically or electrically


316L stainless steel prevent contamination and is polished by electrically


Viton or silicon material is used for the O-ring and the EPDM is used for gasket


Built-in heater makers the in-situ sterilization for the vessel, head plate, filter, aeration pipe lines in 105~130 temperature range automatically



From 3 above the cooling water temperature to 80(accuracy 0.1)




The built-in heater cartridge raises and cooling water pulling downs the water temperature and water pump circulates the water inside of the jacket



Ring sparger (SUS 316L)

Intel Filter

The cartridge type sterilizable pleated type 0.2μm absolute filter specifications(option item)

Out Filter

The same as internal filter specification(option item)

Control Range

Different vessel size and/or ordered specifications

Pressure Control

The back pressure is controlled manually or automatically

Control Unit


8.5" Graphic Color LCD, Membrane keypad


Memory stick, printer, computer with the RS-232C communications protocol.

Controller Board

MC68EC020 microprocessor based integrated controller board is adopted to measure, control and display the fermentation system

Power Supply

220V 50/60Hz, Single phase

Data Storage

pH, DO, Pressure, Temperature and Agitation speed


 fermenter system09


Special introduce the control function of fermentation system 


Control function



Automatic sterilization

Sterilization temperature:100-130℃

Sterilization time:0-60 min;

Manual sterilization of other parts;

Allowed error of sterilization temperature:±0.5℃;

Note 1:Sterilization parameters such as temperature and time can be set on the touch screen.

Note 2:The sterilization can automatically enter the waiting state after the sterilization.


Fermentation temperature

PID automatic control,heating, cooling, circulating system;

Control: + 5-65 ℃, cooling water temperature control precision: + / - 0.1 ℃.

It has a real time curve and a historical curve and an be segmented tracking control.



It can be controlled by the stirring velocity, which is by changing the mixture velocity to regulate the dissolved oxygen;

Control range: 0-100%, display range: 0-200%, resolution: 1%

It has a real time curve and a historical curve.


Stirring speed

PID automatic control, adopt governor stepless speed control;

Speed range: 0-188rpm; Control accuracy: plus or minus 0.5%, resolution: 1rpm

It has a real time curve and a historical curve and an be segmented tracking control


Tank pressure

PID automatic control, pneumatic control valve ON/OFF;

Control range 0-0.2 MPa, steady state precision: plus or minus 0.01 MPa, resolution: 0.001 MPa

It has a real time curve and a historical curve and can be segmented tracking control


Material measurement



Antifoaming control



Level control



Exhaust gas sterilization



What we offer for the fermentation production line:


Creating of manufacturing process:

- technological planning

- manufacturing and delivering of equipment

- mounting

- adjustment and commissioning

- training of personnel

- warranty and after sales service


We also accept reconstruction - technological improvement of manufacturing process using engineering solutions, producing of innovative, automatic and cost saving equipment.

Modernization - updating of equipment (changing for more compact and energy saving equipment).


After sales service of the fermentation production line:

- consulting

- equipment diagnosis

- repairing (any kind of difficulty)

- spare parts supply

- modernization

- reinstallation of units

- training of personnel

- emergency repairin


We have different type fermenter and bioreactor, from lab scale to industrial scale.

We accept customized according to your requirements.


1. Lab scale single vessel fermentor bioreactor

Single Vessel

2. Lab scale double vessel fermentor bioreactor

Double Vessel

3. Lab scale bowl vessel fermentor bioreactor

Bowl Vessel

4. Lab Scale Fermentor bioreactor Aniaml Cell Vessel

Aniaml Cell Vessel

5. Multi-Fermentor bioreactor  SiDoLim 6 

Multi Fermentor

6. In situ sterilizable Fermentor bioreactor 

lab fermentor 3

7. Pilot Scale Fermentor bioreactor 

fermentor 25

8. Plant scale fermentor bioreactor system

fermentor 39 

Packaging & Shipping

1.Qualified wooden package or carton for different products or as customer require.

2.Sufficient inner protection with different materials, including bubble bag, foam board and others.

3. Strict packing process to ensure the safety and completeness of the goods.


4. We have good cooperation with many international express companies such as DHL / UPS / FedEx / TNT and Other, as well as large shipping companies to provide air shipping and sea shipping. We can also arrange global shipment as clients' requirement.

 Packing & Delivery 9Packing & Delivery 10


Company Information

SiDoLim, Silver Double Limited is a worldwide leading OEM manufacturer and supplier of measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process, engineering industry, chemicals and petrochemicals industries,and paper making industries, metallurgy and so on, and is focused on providing advanced, state-of-the-art products for our customers. We are also committed to producing cost-effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitors and control solutions at reasonable prices.



1. How can you guarantee we receive a good quality?

First, we have Q/C department to control the quality from raw material to the finished products. When the machine was finished, we will send you the inspection video and pictures. Or you can come to our factory to inspect the machine before you arrange the balance of the payment.


2. Do you provide any help about the product operation?

We have English manuals and operational video, which could help you know the operation easily.


3. How about warranty?

We could make sure all of our machines with one years warranty and provide you with free technical support of equipment lifelong.


4. How can I get more details about this machine?

Please write all your question in the below mailbox, we will reply to you via E-mail within 12 hours.

What’s more, the SiDoLim provides many kinds of production lines, such as: 
1. Insulin Production Line 
2. Vaccine Production Line
3. Antibiotics Production Line
4. Lysine Production Line 
5. Biological Health Drinks Production Line(e.g. hericium drinks)
6. Any Shape of Tablet Production Line

 Contact information

About the production line equipment, more information, pls contact with Yoli as following contact information:


Welcome to contact us for more details and latest price!

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