Industrial Fermentation in Pharmaceutical

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Industrial fermentation in pharmaceutical


 model SDY-1000/1500/2000/3000/5000/10000L


1 Preliminary design according to customer requirements

2. The fermentor plant offered is comprising fermentor designed and built for a broad range of modern fermentation applications

3. Designed to meet all requirements of modern fermentation technology, utilizes only high quality industrial grade components ensuring optimum performance and a high level of safety in operation.

4. Very easy to operate, wash and make maintenance as it has the open frame structure and uses stainless steel (SUS316L) plate.

5. The pH, DO, temperature and rotation speed of the agitator are measured and controlled by the integrated controller system.

Plant scale fermentor system is designed based on the spirit of mass production that the system can perform the industrial scale fermentation process.

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Fermentor Controller System

• Monitoring and controlling system is selectable and the integrated controller board of SiDoLim is standard specification but any kinds of monitoring and/or controlling module can be adopted.

• Pilot scale system is sale like standard control system is the same as that of

• Personal computer based monitoring system is the standard specification for the master monitoring and controlling system but any kinds of the order made system is possible also.


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