ASME Fermenter Tank Machine For Bioreactor Industrial

ASME Fermenter Tank Machine For Bioreactor Industrial
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My factory supply  brewing equipment bioreactor and fermenter from working volume 0.5L to 

2000L, which can be applied for lab scale fermentation, pilot fermentation and industrial 


Sidolim  is a container to hold organisms for harnessing their natural biochemical processes. It is a easy-to-use bioreactor with a full range of microbial application possibilities, beginners and experienced users can perform easily.


Key parts of the bioreactor:

Bioreactor + Agitator + Baffle + Sparger + Jacket

Bioreactor control systems including :


Fermener bioreactor application for :

bioreactor as a fermentation tank for wine (beer fermenter)

brewing equipment for yogurt/yeast fermentation 

Bioreactors in pharmaceuticals( pharmaceutical fermentation)

fermentation production , antibiotic production by fermentation and insulin fermentation

bioreactor for cell culture (microbial fermentation )

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