304 316 Stainless Steel Tank 1000L volume

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304 316 Stainless Steel Tank 1000L volume

304 Stainless Steel Glycol Conical 1000l Fermentation Tank

This set conical 1000l fermentation tank use the material of SUS304/316.

This set  conical 1000l fermentation tank use the channel or dimple glycol jacet.

This set conical  1000L fermentation tank manhole can be top or side manhole.

1000L Fermenter
  • Effective volume: 1000L

  • Total volume: 1200L

  • Dimensions: φ1260*2600mm

  • Inner material (SUS 304), Thickness=3.0mm

  • External material (SUS 304), Thickness=2.0mm

  • Dish head (SUS304), Thickness= 3.0mm

  • Insulation: PU-Thickness: 100mmlTop manhole or side manhole(According to your

  • needs)

  • Glycol jacket: dimpled plate on cone and side

  • Cooling media: glycol water or alcohol water

  • Design pressure 0.3MPa

  • Working pressure 0.2Mpa

  • 60°cone bottom

  • CIP arm with 360° coverage CIP spraying ball

  • Dry hops port on the top of tanks with butterfly valve and hopper

  • Full sanitary sample valve, no seal ring, no pollution

  • Mechanical relief valve with glass, 2bar on CIP arm

  • Shockproof pressure gauge on CIP am

  • Tri clamp discharge arm with butterfly valve

  • PT100 Temperature sensor for high accuracy temperature control

  • With PRV, bunging device, Solenoid valves

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