10KL Pilot Scale Fermentor: SDP-50/70/100L

we have experience for the whole yeast production line. automaticl controlling system for ph, temperature, pressure and so on. any volume is ok, just let us know your idea.

Product Details


Pilot Scale Fermentor: SDP-50/70/100L


Features and Benefits: 
        1. Head-lifting system
        2. Fed-batch culture support pH Stat, DO Stat
        3. Color LCD Integrated Microprocessor Controller system
        4. Validation support documentation available(IQ,OQ)
        5. Fermentor system represents ideal intermediate step for scaling up 
        6. Automatic control and data saving of DO, pH, temperature agitation
            and nutrient feed for fermentation process. 
        7. Processing parameter are controlled by microprocessor controller. 
        8. Automate or Manual sterilization in place by external steam supply 
            or optional steam generator. 
        9. The modular design consists of the supply unit the culture vessel 
            and the control cabinet. 
        10. The open frame design of the supply unit provides ready access 
              and ease of maintenance and operation. 
        11. Sterilization procedures are programmable and modified by users 
        12. Accessories for cell culture applications are available upon request.
        13. Stainless steel control cabinet of the fermentor system includes all 
              electrical components, pilot valves and the powerful digital 
              measurement and control system.



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