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beer brewing equipment ,1000L fermentor bioreactor

   We are Beer Brewery Equipment manufacturer.Our brewery equipment is carefully manufactured and tailored specifically to each of our customers’ needs. We can produce all kinds Beer Equipment that will accommodate any budget or production goal that each customer might have.The microbrewery equipment including mash tun/lauter tun/brew kettle/whirlpool tank,conical fermenter/fermentation tank,small beer microbrewery equipment,home beer making machine,etc. For any specific information regarding our Beer Brewing Equipment, please  contact with me.

 Component of Micro Brewery Equipment System

Flexible Beer Brewing Brewery Machine system Overview

(Can be customized )



Main Components

1.Trituration System

01.Malt Mill

2.Heating System


01.Steam Boiler(Optional)

3.Saccharification System

01.Mash Tun / Lauter Tank

02.Whirlpool Tank /Brew Kettle

4.Fermentation System

01.Fermentation Tank

5. Cooling System

01.Glycol Tank

02.Glycol Unit 

6. Cleaning System

01.Disinfection Tank

02.Alkali Tank 

03.Sterilization Vehicle

04.Sterilization Pump

7. Control System

with PLC screens to monitor the temperature of the fermentation, 

the Brew house and  Glycol Tank. (High Quality)

 production details:

production details


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