300L brew tower, brew house

300L brew tower, brew house

Product Details

300L brew tower, brew house



Basic spec: 

Capacity: 300L

Model: BT300 

Basic material: SUS 304 stainless steel

Heating method: Electric heating

CE certified

Outer size: 80cm*80cm*165cm

Basic configuration: 

MLC/WP: Mash/Lauter/Cook/WP

LW/WP: Wort tank for lautering/

Lauter water preparation/WP

With removable cap, spray ball being installed

Side manhole, side spent grain door

Thermometer installed

Inlets/Outlets with clamps and valve

With overflow pipes/ports

The whole unit installed with wheels, with stopper installed

Install a hose so the water level can be seen in LW/WP

With steam condenser installed, which is optional item for customers


A portable pump with switch box installed, the connection is achieved by hose, with tri clamp. 

A heat exchanger can be configured as customers actual requirement. 

The Brew tower brew house can be updated to 600L, 800L, 1000L etc, with the model of BT600, BT800, BT1000.




We can alsoprovide you the wholeproduction line

Equipment list of beer production line:
1 malt milling system 
2 brewhose system 
3 fermentation tank 
4 glycol chilling unit(1000L ice water tank + 3P chiller) 
5 CIP unit 
6 control unit

Our service:

1. Installation: We will send our engineer to help you with the installation and guide you with usage.
2. We will ensure the success of installation and commission.
3. Working life of main equipments: 15 years
4. Potential problem: Degradation of strain.
5. Solutions: Optimization and renew, we will supply the new strain freely in two years, then our engineer will provide techniques for optimization and renew.
6. Plant visit: We will arrange to visit one of similar lines we implemented in China and expect your coming!



For more details:

sale ( @ )  sentinaininc  dot  com 


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