Microalgae Culture Bioreactor, With Agitator, PH, DO, Temperature Control

Microalgae Culture Bioreactor, With Agitator, PH, DO, Temperature Control
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SiDoLim (1~30ton) system is designed based on the spirit of mass production that the system can perform the industrial scale fermentation process. The whole system is designed by the design team of Silver Double Limited.  

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All of the special options or ordered specifications can be acceptable.

As a leading fermentation technology, equipment supply and technical value-added services supplierour company has a wealth of experience in project and outstanding professionals.

Advanced technology, Services responsive and high cost-effective is our operation principle.


In this program document, We will strive to achieve the following key points

According to customer requirements, we carry on the preliminary design.

clearing objectives of the projectsubmit the quotation

The fermenter plant offered is comprising fermenter designed and built for a broad range of modern fermentation applications.

The system will be designed to meet all requirements of modern fermentation technology, utilizes only high quality industrial grade components ensuring optimum performance and a high level of safety in operation.

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The stainless steel (SUS316L) vessel and the whole attachments can be sterilized automatically or manually in this plant scale fermentation system and the whole fermentation process can be performed automatically also. The monitoring and controlling system is selectable for integrated monitoring / controlling board of Silver Double Limited or any kinds of modular system.

The master monitoring and controlling systems can be supplied for the ordered specification and PC based monitoring system is the standard specifications.

· Very easy to operate, wash and make maintenance as it has the open frame structure and uses stainless steel (SUS316L) plate.

· The pH, DO, temperature and rotation speed of the agitator are measured and controlled by the integrated controller system.

Temperature of the vessel is measured by the RTD (Pt-100) and controlled by the digital PID control algorithm. The air driven diaphragm style valve protects for the contamination and easy to clean and make maintenance.


· Stainless steel (SUS316L) is used to prevent contamination and rusting.

· Water jacket system is adopted for precise temperature control.

· Redundant ports are installed on the head plate that the auxiliary sensor can be installed.

· Sensor ports are installed in the circumferential direction on the lower side of the vessel.

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Controller System

· Monitoring and controlling system is selectable and the integrated controller board of SiDoLim is standard specification but any kinds of monitoring and/or controlling module can be adopted.

· Standard control system is the same as that of pilot scale system.

· Personal computer based monitoring system is the standard specification for the master monitoring and controlling system but any kinds of the order made system is possible also.


Sentinain Technology has over 20 years experience in providing microalgae culture bioreactor, with agitator, ph, do, temperature control for you. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please be free to get the low price equipment from our factory and check the quotation with us.