Manufacturer Of Industrial Fermenter And Stainless Steel Fermenter

Manufacturer Of Industrial Fermenter And Stainless Steel Fermenter
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SiDoLim is the manufacturer of Stainless Steel Fermenter. We give our clients different capacities of the fermenter, according to the varied needs and specifications. We give our clients the best and so we boast of being the best Fermenter manufacturer in the world. Our products are made keeping in mind the needs of the customers. The Fermenter that we develop is of supreme grade and quality.

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include industrial fermenter and stainless steel fermenter. 

Industrial Fermenter is available in different capacities in accordance with the varied demands of clients, fermenter effective cooling limpets as per capacity, base/ leg mounted, inside surface mirror finish, thermal wells for temperature. 


This system can be designed for the individual process requirements to apply the system from lab scale for the basic research, up to pilot scale for test production in the mass production company.

1· Head-lifting system

2· Fed-batch culture support pH Stat, DO Stat

3· Color LCD Integrated Microprocessor Controller system

4· Validation support documentation available(IQ,OQ)

5· Data Saving

6· Fermentor system represents the ideal intermediate step for scaling up.

7· Automatic control of DO, pH, temperature, agitation, and nutrient feed for fermentation process.

8· All processing parameter are controlled by integrated microprocessor controller.

9· Automate or Manual sterilization in place by external steam supply or optional steam generator.

10· The modular design consists of the supply unit the culture vessel and the control cabinet.

11· The open frame design of the supply unit provides ready access and ease of maintenance and operation.

12· The sterilization procedures are programmable and can be modified by users

13· Accessories for cell culture applications are available upon request.

14· The stainless steel control cabinet of the fermentor system includes all electrical components, pilot valves and the powerful digital measurement and control system.

Control System

· The integrated controller board is adopted to measure, control and display the fermentation system.

· Color LCD displays the whole status of the system in graphic mode.

· Digital PID control algorithm makes fast approach to the target temperature and maintains the vessel temperature very stably.

· The measured data and control parameters can be not only saved and transmitted to the computer in Excel format but also printed out by thermal printer in real time state.

· The Li-ion battery is used to backup the data in the memory.

· Easy to connect with the various systems such as memory stick, printer, computer with the RS-232C communication protocol.


· Stainless steel (SUS 316L) is used to prevent contamination and rust.

· Water jacket system is adopted for precise temperature control.

· 6~8 toggle bolts make it easy to assemble and dissemble the head plate.

· Sight glass makes to monitor the status of the media.

· Spare ports are installed on the head plate that the auxiliary sensor can be installed.

· Sensor ports are installed in the circumferential direction on the lower side of the vessel

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