Industrial Bioreactor ASME Fermenter Tank

industrial bioreactor ASME fermenter tank My factory supply whole turkey project whole production line from fermenter fermentor bioreactor to capping and sealing, labeling , packing and finally to be in stored. fermenter tank fermenter bioreactor industrial Key parts of the bioreactor:...

Product Details

industrial bioreactor ASME fermenter tank

Product Application

Primarily designed for research and small scale production, The  benchtop bioreactors offer the best solutions for mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast and algae cultivations and etc.

1. High throughput bioprocesses                                                  2. High-density cultures for protein production
3. Process Analytical Technology (PAT)                                         4. Process development & optimisation

5. Scale up/Scale down                                                                  6. Statistical studies

7. Growth studies                                                                           8. Anaerobic cultures

9. Halophile strains                                                                        10. Brewing research


PECIFICATIONS FOR stainless steel fermentor
Max working volum2004/5/816/21/4070/120/160
Materials316L stainless steel
Stirring Methods

the magnetic structure and top driven

 by the mechanical coupling

Basic Configuration (optional)

temperature, RPM, PH, DO, 

antifoam,feed ,

 aeration (manual), 

Pressure (manual), sip

Extensible Configuration (optional)

Liquid level control, feed weighing system, 

multifeeds & online testing of the content of 

methanol and ethanol,

 detection of O2 & CO2 exhausts

Control SystemSidolim-Process controller
Electric Power220V 2KW220V 3KW380V 6KW
Net weight (kg)120150250
The amount of steam for sterilization220V 3-6KW380V 9-12KW380V 18-24KW

 We can help you design and produce the ASME fermenter tank as the cleints' requirements.

Main Features

For cell cultivation, bacteria, microbial fermentation and etc.                      
1. Full automatic equipment system including automatic cleaning (CIP), automatic sterilzation (SIP)                      
2 .Flexible and modular-designed system,user-friendly software, ease of operation                      
3 .With rich experience for customers from different countries with mature standard design and optimized customized design                      
4. Economical choice and guarantee a trouble free operation and global                      
5. Efficient service support and spare part availability for overseas and domestic market          

Our manufacturing factory is in Changchun city of Jilin Province, China. .We can design and manufacture, install the whole production line .

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