Chemical Fermentor In Pharmaceutical Cell Culture Bioreactor fermenter

Chemical Fermentor In Pharmaceutical Cell Culture Bioreactor fermenter
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Fermentation tank conical tank bioreactor fermenter brewing equipment fermentor 

Lab scale fermentor: SDL-1/3/5/7/10L

Fermenter Features and benefits:
1. Easy operation and space savings
2. Digital controllers and one LCD displayers
3. Various sizes of vessels can be applied
4. Top mounted DC servo motor gives wide agitation speed control ranges
5. Built-in diaphragm type air pump protects the oil contamination by air supply 
6. Digital PID temperature controller gives the accurate stable temperature condition of bioreactor
8. pH value is digitally measured and controlled 
9. RS232-C and analog outputs for the temperature and pH value
10. Do meter and antifoam module are also supplied


SiDoLim bioreactor is a price compatible lab scale fermentation system for microorganisms which has functions of temperature control, air supply, agitation, pH measuring and control

• Stainless steel (SUS316L) is used to prevent contamination and rusting
• Water jacket system is adopted for precise temperature control
• Redundant ports are installed on the head plate that the auxiliary sensor can be installed
• Sensor ports are installed in the circumferential direction on the lower side of the vessel
Controller system:
• Monitoring and controlling system is selectable and the integrated controller board of SiDoLim is standard specification but any kinds of monitoring and/or controlling module can be adopted
• Standard control system is the same as that of pilot scale system
• Personal computer based monitoring system is the standard specification for the master monitoring and controlling system but any kinds of the order made system is possible also

VesselTotal volume35710
Working volume2357
Head platethermowell, aeration, sampling, spare ports
pH, DO and foam probe ports
4 feeding ports and 2 general purpose ports
Vesselsingle wall bottom heating
AerationFlow rate0-5LPM
Spargerremovable ring sparger
Inlet filter0.2μm filter interchangeable
Air pumpDiaphragm pump
Condenserwater cooled condenser
Air flow meter0-5LPM, vertical type
AgitationServo Motortop drive DC motor 60W(100W option)
Magnetic Hall sensor, PWM control
Impellers2-rushton turbine impellers, 1 foam breaker
IndicationLCD display in 10 rpm increments
Control range3oC above ambient temperature to 80oC
SensorRTD (Pt-100)
Control algorithmPID
Coolingair fan and fin for air cooling and
Solenoid valve for water cooling
Output signal0 to 5V analog signal for data recorder
pH controllerProbemettle-toledo pH: 2.0-2.0
Calibration method(4,7), (4,7,10), (7,10) and manual adjust
MeasuringpH 0.01 resolution
Controldigital PWM, pH 0.1 accuracy
Peristaltic pump2- Watson-Marlow 102R peristaltic pump
Set point rang0~200%
Display range0-200%
Control modePID
Accessory4 reagent bottle, reagent bottle holder

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