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Industrial Stainless steel biologics microbiology jacket bioreactor


The SiDoLim in situ sterilizable fermentor (SDT 300L~1000L) system is a polit scale fermentor and designed for ease of use. 


Fermentor SDT 300L~1000L 

The Fermentor SDT (300L~1000L) is a large size pilot scale fermentation systems and the top driving mechanism is applied. The head plate lifting system by air cylinder and linear motion guide is adapted in standard specification.

The system can be used for microbial, insect and mammalian cell culturing procedures. The stainless steel (SUS 316L) vessel and the whole attachments can be sterilized automatically or manually in this pilot scale fermentation system and the whole fermentation procedures can be also performed automatically. The measured values of the procedures and monitored data are graphically displayed in the 8.5" color LCD screen and all the control parameters can be adjusted in the graphic mode.

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Technical Details

VesselStainless steel 316 L grain 240Special alloys Mirror polished
Heating circuitClosed circuit, galvanized steel, heat exchanger for steamStainless steel 316 L, electrical heater, heat exchanger for cooling circuits
AgitationBottom drive by belt, double mechanical sealTop drive, Magnetic coupling
Mechanical sealSilicium carbide, glycerin lubricatedSteam condensate lubricated
StirrerBlade stirrers, bafflesAirlift, draught tube
Inlet airAuto sterile filter, ceramic filterSeparate filter, double filters, absolute filter, gas mixing station
AerationSubmerse aerationSurface aeration, bubble-free aeration
PortsStandardized lid and side portsFlexible location and number, special ports
Viewing glassesLongitudinal and lid viewing glass with illuminationFlexible location and number
Exhaust airCeramic filterAbsolute filter, reflux cooler, foam destruction, incinerator
InoculationInoculation portFixed piping, transfer concepts
SamplingManual sampling valvePneumatic valve, contained sampling valve, valve with steel bellow, cell-free sampling system
HarvestManual harvest valve with steel bellowsPneumatic harvest valve, fixed piping, transfer concept
Media additionNeedle connection through lidDosage valve, coupling, fixed piping, transfer concepts
SterilizationManual sterilization of auto sterile filter and exhaust air valveAutomatic sterilization of auto sterile filter and exhaust air valve


We desgin and produce the Industrial Stainless steel biologics microbiology jacket bioreactor according to the each clients' requirement.

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