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Steam Heating B arley Brewing Process 1. Raw material ratio ( The original wort concentration: 11 degrees ) 2. Mash process: 37℃---→53℃---→65℃--→78℃ 20′ 60′ 60′ 3.Filter:The temperature rose to 78 ℃, the mash to the filter tank static 10 to 20 minutes first, and then reflux for 15 minutes to...

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Steam Heating Barley Brewing Process 

1. Raw material ratioThe original wort concentration: 11 degrees

  1 Barley40kg
2Coke malt1kg
First time 0.08kg Bitter hops.Wort boiled after 5min.
HopsSecond time 0.04kg Fragrant hopsBefore 10 mins at the end of boiled.
5Wet yeast2L or 200g Dry yeast
NoteRaw material mildew, is strictly prohibited.


2. Mash process: 


 20′          60′          60′     

3.Filter:The temperature rose to 78 ℃, the mash to the filter tank static 10 to 20 minutes first, and then reflux for 15 minutes to wort clear; then start filtering, filtration speed can not be too fast, keep the filter speed evenly and slowly; in 2.5 hours or so finished.

Grain wash  water preparation in the mash tun, the temperature will be heated to wash the water temperature; if the wash water is insufficient, you can add tap water.      

The filtrate is fed into brew kettle and heated temperature of at least 90℃.

4. Boil for 60 minutes. Final Wort: 200L. Control the concentration of boiled wort 11 degrees, if the concentration within a specified time did not reach 9.7 degrees. May be appropriate delay.

5. Wort cooling. the hot wort is cooled by a plate heating exchanger after the whirlpool, cooled and oxygenated. Wort inoculation temperature of 10.0 ± 0.5 ℃.


6.Fermentation.  After the wort comes in fermenter, yeast inoculation 2L, temperature keep10.0℃ for fermenting, natural temperature to 12 ℃, maintain the fermentation temperature of 12 ℃, sugar content drops to 4.5 degrees,close the tank and upthe pressure to0.10~0.12MPa,keep the pressure after closed the fermenter、start cooling it after 6 days;Sealed to keep 4 to 5 days, the sampling tasting, if no obvious double-acetyl taste, can be cool, if the obvious double-acetyl taste, can be delayed 1 to 3 days cooling. 

First cool down to 5 ℃, keep the day; then start to cool to 0-1 ℃; keep 0 - -1 ℃, 3 days; later, you can drink.


7. Yeast Use Treatment: When reduced to 5 ° C, the yeast can be recycled. Should be used after the fermentation broth cooling 3 days after the yeast mud 3L (not excessive use); before use, will be the first to discharge about 1 liter of yeast discharged into the trench, the use of yeast algebra no more than 5 generations; if yeast is not used, To 2 ℃ should be drained.

8. Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

9. If there is no yeast residue, dry yeast is needed, add 3 g of warm water (35 ° C) to the sterilized container, add 200 g of yeast powder, stir well, activate for 40 minutes, add the activator to the yeast addition tank, With a piece of cold wort into the fermentation tank can be.


So, pls kindly tell me:

  1. what's your raw material of produce beer?

  2. what's your handling capacity of beer per day?

  3. which kind of beer you want to fermenting?

  4. are you the end user?

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