Bacteria Or Yeast Production Line With Fermentation Vat, Bioreactor

Bacteria Or Yeast Production Line With Fermentation Vat, Bioreactor
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Bioreactors of full mixing are intended for suspension cultivation of microorganisms, barmy and fungal cultures, and also initial compositions of medicines.


Biological reactors are manufactured of high-quality stainless steel according to the specification of the customer, in the set parameters, for intensive hashing are supplied with mixer with the electric drive, equipped with the control panel on 2 capacities


Bioreactors can be used for industrial production of different pharmaceutical means, medicinal and veterinary preparations, different vaccines, in the food industry for production of enzymes, food additives, glucosic syrups, etc.


Biological reactors are widely used in the biotechnology industry.


Bioreactor is an apparatus, such as a fermentation chamber, for growing organisms such as bacteria or yeast that are used in the biotechnological production of substances such as pharmaceuticals, antibodies, or vaccines, or for the bioconversion of organic waste.


Bioreactor is a fermentation vat for the production of living organisms, as bacteria or yeast.

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  2. what's the usage of the bioreactor you need?

  3. what's the handling capacity of the bioreactor you want?

  4. can you also tell me what's the votage of 3 phase in your local? the motor will manufacturing according to your local electric.

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