5t/d Live Yeast Production Plant, Instant Dried Yeast

5t/d Live Yeast Production Plant, Instant Dried Yeast
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What kinds of products we can do?

1. raw materials of the fermentation industry:

corn, rice, wheat, starch and other raw materials and related fermented food; other fermentation materials, culture medium and so on.

2. Amino acids and organic acids fermentation equipment:

glutamic acid fermentor, lysine bioreactor, methionine fermentation tank, tryptophan bio reactor, threonine fermenter, citric acid fermentation equipment, gluconic acid fermenting equipment, lactic acid production line, itaconic acid fermentation line etc.

3. Enzyme preparations:

amylase, saccharifying enzyme, protease, cellulase, amylase, ISO isomerase, beta glucanase, xylanase and phytase

4. Yeast and its derivatives:

high active dry yeast production line, feed yeast fermenter, nutritive yeast bioreactor, yeast extract making equipment and so on.


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Sentinain Technology has over 20 years experience in providing 5t/d live yeast production plant, instant dried yeast for you. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Please be free to get the low price equipment from our factory and check the quotation with us.